Sunday, February 5, 2012

And so it begins

Blogging.  I decided to give this a try for my paper crafting most of all.  Viewing other's blogs is inspiring to me and hope that you might enjoy some of what I have created.  All of you have been so kind in helping others achieve a higher quality of work because you share with others how to do things, and I would like to join in.  Hope you might tag along while I start this process.  Thanks for stopping by and always love to hear from people!


  1. YAY Kathy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blogging is fun!! And cathartic, interesting, inspiring.. whatever you want to make it, it's YOUR blog! Mine is sorely neglected but it's always there when I go back to it, only the occasional Blogger technical problems (usually when there's some massive online event for bloggers is when it chooses to crash!!) But we wont think about that! Anyways, glad you're on here! And I'm your first follower!!! Hugs!

  2. Kathy this is so awesome!! Welcome to blogland!!

  3. Hi Kathy, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog ... so nice of you to visit. I wanted to welcome you to blogging! I'm sure you'll find a whole new world sharing your creations (which are gorgeous by the way)....
    Look forwards to following your journey,